The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Aggressive Behaviors in Sports

By Fabrice Dosseville, Sylvain Laborde, Koffi Pierrot Edoh, Catherine Garncarzyk

Defined as a set of skills regarding the identification, the understanding, the expression, the regulation and the use of one’s emotions and others’, emotional intelligence (EI) has often been considered as a decisive individual dimension of our social, affective and professional lives. In the sports sphere, psychology of sport and physical activity studies have multiplied for a few years and looked into the performances, emotions felt and behaviors in the face of events perceived as stressful. Yet it is surprising to note that while aggressive and violent behaviors keep increasing on and off the field, works raising links between emotional skills and violence in sports are rare. This article thus aims at showing the interest of studying IE as one of the contributing factors of aggressive behaviors in sports, and to suggest research prospects in this relatively unexplored field.


  • emotional intelligence
  • physical aggression
  • sport and physical activity psychology
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