Differential effects of visual and proprioceptive imagery modality practice when reproducing simple mannequin configurations

By Nicolas Robin

The influence of visual and proprioceptive imagery in mental practice was investigated on the development of accurate mannequin configurations reproduction. Eighteen participants were divided into two groups. These participants were first evaluated on their abilities to accurately produce body configurations with vision on a mannequin (pre-test). They were then randomly assigned to a visual or to a proprioceptive imagery practice group (90 trials practice). Two post-tests were performed 10 minutes and 24 hours later. Results showed a long-term increase of performance for the participants who realized proprioceptive imagery, whereas a temporary increase of performance was observed for the participants who realized visual imagery. This study confirms the beneficial effect of proprioceptive imagery in an angular configuration reproduction task.


  • angular configurations
  • motor imagery
  • learning specificity
  • mannequin
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