White card to Pierre Laguillaumie (and Daniel Vey)

By Pierre Laguillaumie, Daniel Vey

Pierre Laguillaumie is one of the protagonists of Sport, culture et répression, a text that is largely the foundation of a Freudo-Marxist critique of sport and strongly linked to the political commitments of May 1968. This “carte blanche” is composed of three unequal parts written with Daniel Vey, who was also one of the travelling companions of Freudo-Marxist criticism and Trotskyism. The first part attempts to contextualize the publication of Sport, culture et répression. The second text explains Pierre Laguillaumie’s personal trajectory, from his adolescence and his practice of high-level football when he entered the ENSEPS boys’ school and then met Jean-Marie Brohm and joined the Freudo-Marxist sports critic. Finally, the third text explains the continuation of Pierre Laguillaumie’s career and in particular his implementation of innovative practices at different levels of primary, secondary and university education.

  • “carte blanche”
  • sport criticism
  • politics
  • sport
  • culture
  • repression
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