Televisual representations of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France: Between stereotypes and transgressive innovations

Research papers
By Natacha Lapeyroux

This article analyzes the TV Broadcasts of Women’s football from a gender studies perspective. First, a quantitative study of TV Broadcasts of the Women’s football world championships ─ from the beginnings of television to the present day ─ was carried out. Secondly, from a corpus of TV broadcasts of the 2007, 2011, and 2015 Fifa Women’s world cup, I conducted a census of sports journalists and consultants who comment, in order to question the influence of gendered expertise (Montañola, 2014). Then I carried out a socio-semiotic analysis (Lochard, 2010) of gendered representations that circulate about Women’s footballers in a diachronic way in order to capture the moments of break and discontinuities (Foucault, 1969) on three World Cups (2007, 2011, and 2015).

  • soccer
  • women
  • sport
  • gender
  • television
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