Ecology and corporeity: Inhabiting the world through the body, and changing models

Research papers
By Benoît Lesage

The author questions the model of the body that permeates the practice of sports and proposes a phenomenological perspective that considers the body as a means of inhabiting the world. The notion of inhabiting the body is supported by a lively dialogue that constitutes a subject in and of itself. We can fine-tune this subject by spatializing and temporalizing it, laying down the foundations of its expressivity so that it can be extended to the field of sports. Body awareness then becomes a consciousness that is obtained through the body. Thus, a body ecology emerges in which inhabiting the world constitutes a dialogue, and in which both movement and sports practice are techniques in their own right.

  • Model of the body
  • corporeality
  • tonicity
  • ecology
  • expressivity
  • body awareness
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