The effect of interactions on the development of the activity of Physical Education Teachers in Training through emotionally significant situations


The aim of this study is to understand the effect of interactions on the professional development of Physical Education Teachers in Training (PETT) from examination of emotionally significant situations. The literature emphasizes that novice teachers develop their activity by sharing their experiences in communities of practice. The theoretical framework used is that of the clinical activity (Clot, 1999). This study involved following up five PETTs during one year. Thirty-two filmed lessons with an emotionally significant situation serve as support to self-confrontation and crossed interviews. The data were processed using the method of Bruno & Méard (2018). The results show that PETTs experience many emotionally significant situations that are at the source of intrapsychic conflicts and also highlight the importance of the interactional dimension in the development process.

  • trainee teacher
  • Physical Education
  • interaction
  • emotionally significant situation
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