The 1924 Olympic Games: Intersecting Tourism and Sport

Part 1. Special Issue: The Olympic City
By Pierre-Olaf Schut, Éric Levet-Labry

The Touring Club of France (TCF) is an important association founded to develop tourism at the end of the 19th century. It is noteworthy for having supported many initiatives in support of the development of tourism in France. Some of these were directly related to sporting events. In 1921, France was about to host the Olympic Games which were to attract many spectators. This paper focuses on the relationships between the TCF and the Executive Committee in charge of the organization of the Games in order to measure the involvement of the TCF in this event. The main sources are TCF archives and French and international Olympic Committee records. Results show a limited level of collaboration and raise questions about the connection between sporting events and tourism in the 1920s.


  • tourism
  • olympic spirit
  • Touring Club of France
  • 1924 Olympic Games
  • sporting events
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