Participation of Young People with a Functional Disability in Physical and Sports Activities. Visions and Concerns of School Staff in Quebec

By Romain Roult, Hélène Carbonneau, Marie-Michèle Duquette, Émilie Belley-Ranger

Young people with a functional disability face greater challenges in practicing sports and physical activities and adopting healthy lifestyles than do youths whose development is not challenged. Using a qualitative approach based on 56 interviews, this study seeks to better understand strategies implemented by school staff working with these young people to engage them in physical activity. We also intend to highlight the needs, expectations, and concerns of stakeholders with respect to the issue of integration in sports education. The results show that inclusive sports activities have a substantial impact on these young people, their families, and their living environments. In addition, the limited access to sporting activities for these groups at or outside of school illustrates the relevance and importance of supporting the development of educational tools, training, and related spatial planning practices to encourage the implementation of inclusive approaches in physical activity.


  • young people with a functional disability
  • school staff
  • physical activity
  • school
  • Quebec
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