Exploratory Study on the Relations between Human Values and Physical Activity

By Nicolas Souchon, Brigitte Bardin, Stéphane Perrissol, Gregory R. Maio

The aim of this study was to examine potential relationships between Schwartz’s (1992) human values and individuals’ physical activity level. 127 participants responded to the Portrait Values Questionnaire (PVQ, Schwartz et al., 2001), the Godin Leisure Time Exercise Questionnaire (GLTQ, Godin & Shepard, 1985), and a semantic differential scale measure of attitude toward physical activity. Results revealed that a greater attachment toward stimulation values indicates a greater positive attitude toward physical activity, which in turn is indicative of individuals’ physical activity level. On the other hand, security values, including health, were not associated with a greater physical activity level. These results are discussed both in reference to the literature on human values and physical activity.


  • attitudes
  • human values
  • physical activity
  • motivation
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