Study on the Internal Validity of the Scale of Control Methods in Rehabilitation

By Yvan Paquet, Charles Martin-Krumm, Pascal Legrain, Roberta Antonini Philippe

The purpose of this paper is to test the internal validity of the Scale of Control Methods in Rehabilitation (SCMR) [Échelle de moyens de contrôle spécifique à la rééducation (EMCR)]. The scale proposes three ways athletes can exert control during rehabilitation : informational control, decisional control and behavioral control. These different means of control were linked to the emotional experience (anxiety and emotions) of the 152 injured athletes in the sample. A subsequent confirmatory factor analysis revealed a good fit between the data and the theoretical model, which confirmed SCMR’s good internal validity. Correlation between the means of control, the anxiety, and the emotions of the injured athletes showed that there was correlation between informational and behavioral control and positive emotions. There appeared to be no correlation with decisional control. These results indicate that control methods should be differentiated in the therapeutic relationship to improve patients’ well-being.


  • control method
  • injury
  • information
  • decision
  • behavior
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