Learning Decision-Making in Rugby: The Role of Video Feedback

By François Pharamin, Didier Barthes, Yannick Blandin

Many studies have been done on the role of video feedback (VFB) on the acquisition of motor skills, but most have been limited to closed skills. In rugby, tactical choices are determining elements for performance but the relevance of these choices is difficult to assess by players. Whether in a game or in training, players find it hard to assess the value of their choices, which depend, among other things, on the value of their opponents and partners. In this context, VFB can be a way for players to learn decision-making by making them aware of the most important indicators. The research presented in this paper compared three different methods of Internet image-sharing on decision-making. These provided STAPS (Sciences et techniques des activités physiques et sportives – Physical and Sports Sciences and Techniques) students with delayed feedback on their motor skills. The effects of these three methods on decision-making were assessed during actual game situations. Results led to a discussion on the different VFB presentation methods and highlighted the effectiveness of images linked to verbal peer correction, especially when these images were combined with comments by experts.


  • learning
  • feedback
  • decision-making
  • rugby
  • video
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