A geographical look at the international migrations of women footballers

By Bertrand Piraudeau, Christine Trimoreau

The subject of migrations of women football players in the era of globalisation raises a number of important issues (economic, geopolitical, social, sporting, territorial, and so on) for international institutions, federations, and clubs. They highlight the geography of women’s sport and the economic, political, and sporting imbalance of the contemporary world. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the development and professionalisation of women’s football throughout the world has been steadily increasing and spreading. Economists, historians, sociologists, and sport managers offer a variety of analyses on the evolution of women’s football. The geographical analysis reveals the spaces of departure (Africa, South America, Eastern Europe), of transit and destination (the European Union, England and the United States) through the migratory circulation of sportswomen.
This article gives an overview of the migration of foreign players based in the European and American championships. It shows the spaces, migratory flows, logic, spatial distribution, and migratory impact created by the international women’s football market. This study focuses on foreign players in the elite teams of the German, English, French, and US championships during the 2014-2015 season.


  • women’s football
  • migrations
  • migratory circulation
  • spatial distribution
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