Looking at heteronormativity in a sport university: The normalization of bodies discussed

By Noémie Drivet, Stéphane Champely, Cécile Ottogalli-Mazzacavallo

As part of an analysis of French research on homophobia in sport (in both sports clubs and educational establishments), this study surveyed 413 university-level sport students between January and March 2016 on their perception of homosexuality, their experience of and knowledge about homophobia, and on what their university education has taught them about these topics. This initial overview shows that there is a normalization and a daily use of verbal, social, and physical violence that prioritizes and divides sexes and sexualities, accompanied by teachers’ poor awareness of this. This study reflects upon the use of language about homosexuality, upon the evolution of social norms, and upon teachers’ discourse and positioning on the topic within the university teaching environment.

  • homophobia
  • gender
  • language
  • sport university
  • university-level education
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