Uses of video feedback and its effects on decision-making in sport training: A literature review

Research papers
By Gilles Kermarrec, Thibault Kerivel, Clément Cornière, Marjorie Bernier, Cyril Bossard, Gaëlle Le Bot, Maël Le Paven

The paper examines the effects and uses of video feedback on decision-making in sport training. First, we define the notion of video feedback, before presenting the method we used to select the papers analyzed in our study. Then, by undertaking a qualitative analysis of these eleven papers, we identified the objectives of video feedback, the specific theoretical backgrounds, the uses of video feedback, the assessment protocol, and the video feedback outcomes. Our literature review enables us to highlight the benefits of video feedback, positioning its uses between rational or intuitive decision-making and an explicit or an implicit learning approach.

  • video feedback
  • sport
  • decision-making
  • training
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