Using holistic practices to resonate with the world

Research papers
By Thierry Long, Éric Caulier, Marceau Chenault

This article brings together research from different disciplines, concerning aspects of sport and sporting ideals based on confrontation, the cult of performance, and the spectacle, which are in no way sustainable. Mirroring our consumerist society, these sporting ideals exhaust our and personal and emotional resources, as well as collective, even planetary resources. The article demonstrates that the transition from consumer sports to sustainable physical activities will require a profound ideological and ethical transformation. How can we engage in sport and simultaneously develop respect for the environment, for others and for ourselves, as was the case in traditional games? As philosophies in action, activities such as Taijiquan prove to be interesting ways to rethink our relationship with the world and to develop more sustainable practices that are adapted to the multiple challenges of today. [1]

  • consumerist vs. sustainable sport
  • ecology
  • taijiquan
  • games
  • popular traditions
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