Energy arts in the dialogue of scientific paradigms: A progress report on the benefits of body-mind disciplines (yoga, tai chi, qigong)

Research papers
By Alice Guyon, Jérôme Ravenet, Nancy Midol

Defining the practices of Indian and Chinese energy arts practices faces both taxonomic and axiological obstacles. These arts are at the heart of a dialogue between Eastern and Western scientific cultures, giving them the power to overcome the clash of civilizations. In this article, we provide a progress report about the benefits of these practices from the point of view of neuroscience and cognitive science, which helps reconcile various opposites and dualisms such as mechanical philosophy and vitalism, matter and spirit as well as quality and quantity. In other words, marrying the paradigms of Western and Eastern science, in order to build a perspective of “sustainable sport”.

  • Body-mind practices
  • Yoga
  • Tai-chi
  • Qi-gong
  • medical and health sciences
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