Polemic, objection, rhetoric: Three debates and their effects on the diffusion of Jean Le Boulch’s psychokinetic approach

By Blaise Desplechin-Lejeune, Pierre-Alban Lebecq, Tony Froissart

This article analyzes how the debates about Jean Le Boulch’s psychokinetic approach have contributed to the diffusion of this method of physical education (PE). The nature of these debates (polemic, objection, rhetoric) reveal the author’s strategies through diffusion models. It also varies depending on whether the articles are published in journals specializing in PE issues or in the national generalist and political press. Finally, it reveals the underlying power issues between the different ideological currents. Through these debates Le Boulch tries to integrate different networks and the diffusion of his method faces various barriers. The effects are very variable and sometimes counterproductive.

  • Jean Le Boulch
  • psychokinetic
  • scientific physical education
  • diffusion
  • debate
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