Analysis of a Deceleration Space: The Ultra-Trail Example

Research Questions
By Romain Rochedy

Social acceleration is a subject much debated in the intellectual world. Often presented as a postmodern theory in which fatalism is the norm, there are still reflexive orientations neglected by critics of this reading. Thus, deceleration spaces (Rosa, 2012) may be a very heuristic area for research. In order to highlight the resilience of some social spaces, this article provides an example of what may be a search for such places of inertia through the study of a still-unknown sport, the ultra-trail. A time-consuming activity, par excellence, it allows the practitioner to take control of his daily routine, opening up a new personal temporal space. Innovative in terms of research topics, this article attempts to combine two parallel types of methodology to bring a special approach to this epiphenomenon. Thus, the objective of this article is primarily to argue for creating a new field of research in the areas of deceleration in the sports domain.


  • ultra-trail
  • sociology of time
  • deceleration space
  • acceleration
  • extreme
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