A Systematic Review of Programmes that Promote Adherence to Regular Physical Activity in the Elderly: The Role of Affective Barriers

By Mickaël Campo, Benoît Louvet, Fabrice Dosseville, Claude Ferrand, Martin Hagger, Guillaume Martinent, Michel Nicolas, Daniel Reguer, Xavier Sanchez

Research examining relevant variables that influence adherence to programmes designed to increase regular physical activity in the elderly is abundant. The purpose of the present review was to determine whether affective barriers associated with individuals’ expectations to engage in regular physical activity in the +65 years old had been considered and, if so how they were integrated in the development of such intervention programmes.Amongst the 1195 citations identified, eight studies only were retained. These studies highlighted interpersonal influence as a critical variable of the programmes promoting regular physical activity amongst the +65. Furthermore, findings suggest that the affective dimension and interpersonal emotional regulation need consideration when developing such programmes.


  • aging
  • physical activity
  • affective barriers
  • emotion regulation
  • adherence
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