Delayed Regulation and Learning in Team Sports

By Lucie Mougenot

A constructivist approach to learning in team sports involves the regulation of both teaching and learning. Formative assessments seem to be effective tools for optimizing the progress of students (Allal, 1991 ; Scallon, 2000). However, it is difficult to measure the concrete effects of such tools. The authors focused on the impact of delaying formative assessment on learning in physical education. In order to determine specifics areas of progress, a didactic engineering study was conducted in high school physical education (n = 46). Two classes followed the same kind of learning process, but only one class benefited from delayed formative assessment (Allal, 1988). The main results showed that only the group receiving delayed formative assessment, with verbalization and exchange of ideas, made significant progress. Students took more relevant decisions and positioned themselves better on the field during games, which led to significant improvement in the effectiveness of the motor skills involved.


  • regulation
  • formative assessment
  • team sports
  • learning
  • physical education
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