I was twenty years old in 1968

By Gilles Bui-Xuân

I was twenty years old in 1968. I was a physical education student. I was involved in politics and trade unionism. What is left of those days? While searching through my archives, I realized that my engagement has always had a general principle running through it: “to not accept that the social organizations in which we are involved should go against the values that we wish to see triumph in the society to which we aspire.” These values, which were embedded during my youth, matured over the course of my subsequent experiences: at university, at the UNEF, at the ONEEPS, at the OCI, as part of the Tendance du Manifeste, at the SGEN, but also as a PE teacher, as a judo teacher, at university and in my research, and even today at the AEEPS and the AFRAPS.Upon reflection, these values are fundamentally the same as those that mobilized me in May ’68.

  • May ’68
  • trade union
  • politics
  • values
  • physical education
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