From the conception to the dissemination of an educational experiment: Auguste Listello’s conception based on his career path in France (1945–1973)

By Yvon Morizur

The purpose of this article is to update Auguste Listello’s conception of physical education teaching based on his professional path. Taking his private archives as its main source of information, the present work throws an original light on the work of this actor of the second half of the twentieth century. From a micro-historical perspective, it is possible to identify biographical elements that reflect issues and debates that go beyond the singular case of Auguste Listello. The demonstration therefore aims to analyze his approach through the formalization, implementation, and dissemination of an educational experiment. Two distinct periods are thus detailed. The first within the National Institute of Sports (INS), where Auguste Listello developed and disseminated in professional journals and in training courses the foundations of this Generalized Physical and Sports Education. Then, second, a phase of implementation in a secondary school in which communication takes place on different scales (local, international, and institutional).

  • experiment
  • eclecticism
  • dissemination
  • scales
  • strategy
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