Biomechanics in the service of intervention in sport? Interview with Caroline Martin

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By Jérôme Visioli, Oriane Petiot

This article aims to describe the contribution of “life sciences” to research on interventions in racket sports. Based on an interview with Caroline Martin, a researcher on the biomechanics of the tennis serve, several questions are discussed: (1) What are the objectives, the methods, and the main results of this research?; (2) What are the necessary conditions to ensure that this research has real social utility for the participants?; (3) In the context of the current development of mixed methods in sport science, how can observational data (for example biomechanical) be used in conjunction with data about the athletes’ intrinsic experience?; (4) While this research focuses on the serve, to what extent is it possible to study other dimensions of the tennis player’s activity, and other racket sports more broadly?

  • biomechanics
  • intervention
  • science
  • tennis
  • racket sports
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